Tuesday, October 15, 1974

Hollow Tree with Landscape

A landscape inside the hollow tree. In addition to the landscape, I like the tree leaves and the green sun.

Saturday, September 21, 1974

Sunday, September 15, 1974

Six Fantasy Drawings

After the "extra foot" poem, these were my first drawings with my Pentel fine tip markers. All on one sheet of 14x17 drawing paper. The top center one reads "Fish," the bottom center "house," and the bottom right "A Rocket Past the Haunted House." At the bottom of the paper, I wrote "Anywhere else, there would be consequences." It seems to go with the drawings.

Tuesday, September 10, 1974

An Extra Foot - First Drawing

I wrote this poem in 1974, and somehow, to feel it was complete, I needed to draw it in color on a large piece of paper (14x17). Each capital letter is about 1.25" in height.

The poem's words are snippets from a news story where an art scholar was describing a painting by Breughel (The Peasant Wedding). She pointed out "an extra [human] foot" in the bottom right area of the painting, for which "circles" [of art critics] had "never come up" with an explanation, although they had argued about it for years.

I'm not sure why that story appealed to me so much. Maybe because I don't think everything can be explained in art (or life).

Not my first-ever drawing, of course, but the first one I saved. Aside from those childhood drawings that my Mom saved for me... and I won't be posting those!