Thursday, October 30, 2008

Animal Mask

This is a doodle, but it looks like an animal mask or headpiece. A goat? A dragon?

I used Spica glitter pen in some sections, but it doesn't show up well on the computer screen.

Copic colors used: BG000,45, RV11,29,32, E00, BV04,31, YG03,91, C1; Copic Spica in gold, silver, clear, and black

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Orchid Flower

My brother was visiting, and he wanted to see me draw something. So I drew a few lines, then a few more lines, then decided to turn it a different way, colored some, drew some more, then I had a flower, so I made it look more like a flower.

That's often how I draw, when I'm not drawing something specific.

Copic colors used: YR21, RV14,32, G17,28, YG03, C5,7,9, E41,44

Friday, October 24, 2008

Starfish Doodle

I think they are probably starfish, but they might be flowers.

This doodle is very busy! But I couldn't stop elaborating. I do like the colors.

Copic colors used: W1,3, B06,29,32, Y11,19, YR04,09, V04, YG95, Streaks of 0, Wine multiliner

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hilly Landscape 1

I drew the right side first, just lines and colors. Then I wondered what the left side would be like, so I thought about that and drew it. I like both sides, separately and together. When I look at it now, I find myself feeling pulled into the wilderness-y right side, like I want to go walking there. Then maybe go to the house on the left side for tea.

Each is drawn on a Crane's ecru card. I like the pebbly, mottled texture that Copics make on this card in this color. It shows up very well in this drawing.

A few months later, a friend asked me to draw a version for her - see Hilly Landscape 2.

Copic colors used: Y15,19,38, YR21, V09+C7, B41+BV31, B14,29,32,39,41, W1,3,5,7, YG23+B41, YG91+G21, G07+G17, G07,28, BG000,05,32,45, YG23+W3, YG95,97,99, E21,33,44, E41+BG000. Note, the "+" means that one color was colored on top of the other, making a new color.
Paper: ecru Crane's card approx. 4x6"

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Purple Flowers in Vase - Splotching through Paper

This drawing is all about "splotching through paper." First I drew a rough sketch on a piece of ordinary paper - probably 20 lb all-purpose copier paper. Then I colored "splotchily" and heavily on the paper, with my actual drawing card underneath it.

This is a somewhat random/ unpredictable process, and I wouldn't recommend it when you're "almost done" with something that you don't want to ruin. Also, as you can imagine, it wouldn't work with markers that need refilling.

When I was happy with what I saw, I outlined it with sepia and cobalt blue Copic Multiliners. Then I kept on coloring, blending, and splotching. The vase is accented with clear Spica glitter pen, which is hard to see on the computer screen. It adds a subtle sparkle in real life.

Copic colors used: Table E33,37; Mat B06,39; Vase W1,7, YG03,23,95,97,99, V04,09; Flowers and leaves BV00, V04,09, YG95; Shadows W1; Sepia and cobalt multiliners, Spica clear
Paper: white Crane's card approx. 4x6" with part of the bottom cut off (I had "too much table" before I cut it off)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Abstract with Gray and Colors

This is on an ecru Crane's card with cool gray Copic multiliner. I like the flow and the color combination. Crane's ecru (unlike Crane's white) has something in the surface that makes a mottled appearance. I think it's a nice effect.

Copic colors used: C1,3,5, BV000,04, B06, Y13,19,YR09, R02, G07,12

Friday, October 3, 2008

Spiky Abstract

Just lines and colors. At the time, I wrote, "feeling the movement of the pen & kind of rhythmic. My form of dance maybe."

Copic colors used: BV00, R02, C1, G12, B32

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sybil's Iris Drawing

After I sent my friend Sybil a scan of my iris drawing, she felt inspired to do one of her own. Her drawings, also done with pen and markers (usually Copic), are very different from mine. I love the colors, lines, and detailed patterns in this one. (Used with her permission.)