Saturday, January 20, 1973

About My Paper

Updated December 4, 2011

It's very important with Copic markers (as with any medium) to use paper that works well for you. Marianne Walker's I Like Markers blog includes a "paper" label with very helpful posts about paper and how different types and brands react with the markers.

My favorite paper to use with Copic markers is Neenah Classic Crest Solar White Smooth, 80 lb. cover weight. It doesn't feather, and it blends and corrects beautifully. I bought my Neenah on-line; it's available from several stamping and papercrafting sites, including Ellen Hutson. Until May 2009, I used Wausau Bright White 65 lb. cover weight, which worked almost as well. Wausau was at my local office supply store. Starting in 2008, all my 8.5x11 drawings are on these two papers unless noted in the blog post.

I have some of the Neenah in Classic Cream (like Crane's ecru) and Baronial Ivory (a bit more yellow in tone) - samples received with my Solar White order from the Neenah company website. Not quite as good as Neenah Solar White for blending and correcting, but I will still enjoy using them when I want something a little different.

I also like Crane's correspondence cards, 100% rag, kid finish, in white, ecru (cream), and sometimes tan. Some are 4x6", some are a bit larger, 4.25 x 6.375". The white does tend to feather a bit, which is easily avoided by coloring just inside the lines. And the ecru, though it looks and feels as smooth as the white, creates a slightly pebbly or stippled appearance with some colors (which I find appealing). Caution: my Crane's cards were purchased a long time ago - maybe 25 years old. They may not be the same now.

Added November 27, 2010: I recently bought some new paper, X-Press It Blending Card, as described by Marianne Walker in her blog "I Like Markers." I haven't played with it much, but it's said to be great for blending and not feathering. I plan to use it for my 2010 Advent Calendar, where it will get a good workout with the tiny drawings and many different coloring techniques. It's expensive, so I was happy to find a 25-sheet package from Ellen Hutson, one of my favorite on-line stores.
Review added December 4, 2011: I'm very late in posting my review! but here it is. The X-Press It Blending Card was not for me. It was too smooth, almost slippery, for the way I draw and color. I'm happier with my Neenah, which has a slight tooth (good for my Copic multiliner drawings), some wicking (which can lead to feathering, but is very helpful for smoothly coloring an irregular shape), and slower blending (good for layering colors without having them mix). But I'm glad I tried the X-Press It, and I've heard of other Copic users who are very happy with it.

See this post "Where I Buy My Tools and Materials" for more information about my sources.


M DelValle said...

Thank you for your posts!! I was excited to see that my local Target had Neehna 65lb Bright White. I bought it and since you mentioned the Wasau 65# that worked well for you, I wonder if this Neehna 65lb will be good as well. What do you think?

Cindy O said...

Hello FitXMom - I don't have any experience with that specific Neenah paper. But I'd say, give it a try. I hope you'll enjoy working with it.