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How I Store and Protect My Drawings and Materials

Updated December 30, 2011

I store my drawings in Itoya Original Art Profolio binders. They look like 3-ring binders, but inside are clear pockets with a black paper insert. They are acid-free, and the covers are very rigid. The prices are reasonable, and I found them at two different local art supply stores. They are also sold on-line at Dick Blick. I use them in three sizes: 5x7, 9x12, and 14x17.
Note as of December 31, 2009:
There is a new version called the Itoya Art Profolio Advantage, which I'm guessing may eventually replace the Original Art Profolio. It's very similar, but with a bit heavier cover.

I keep my markers in a small nine-compartment wooden cabinet with a drawer. The cabinet, which was designed to store dies for paper crafting, is called the Quickutz Magpie Nesting Storage System. Its size is 14 x 10.5 x 4.75". Sharon Harnist's blog post on Copic Storage shows a picture of her three cabinets in white. I only have one of them, in black. The drawer holds my small misc. items like erasers.
Updated April 18, 2010: I was looking for this cabinet for a friend, but it seems to be out of stock everywhere, and the manufacturer says it's no longer being made. Updated October 8, 2011: There was a "Color Cubbie" product, similar design but without the drawer, but it too has gone out of production. Updated December 30, 2011: I read about another product recently - the Marker Organizer from Organize More. But I don't have any experience with the company or their products.

Updated April 18, 2010: Except for my large paper and Copic ink refill bottles, everything else is in three plastic file-type boxes.

Added August 12, 2009: Because the Copic markers are dye-based, they will fade with exposure to UV light. That's not usually a problem for me, because I keep my drawings in binders, as described above. But when I do a drawing for someone who wants to display it, I protect it with a UV sealer spray called "Super Seal" by Creative Imaginations. See Sally Lynn MacDonald's blog for a review. You may find it at a local craft store or scrapbooking store. I wasn't able to find it locally, so I ordered mine on-line (added November 27, 2011: from a store which no longer carries it.) Unlike many other sealer sprays, Super Seal does not contain alcohol - very important with Copic markers which are alcohol-based. (If you spray alcohol on a drawing colored with Copic markers, the colors will run!)

Added February 17, 2010: I haven't tested Super Seal on watercolors. I wouldn't expect a problem, but I just don't know for sure. I will update this post sometime, after I try it.

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