Sunday, September 25, 2011

Flower Drawing with Color-Bleed Background

A very small drawing (2 x 3-1/4") with a bright, stained-glass background. I wanted simple, heavy lines to stand out against a busy background. So I used a Copic 1.0 multiliner, instead of my usual 0.2 or 0.3 weight.

Before I colored my drawing, I scanned it for future use on greeting cards. To see how I used it, click here for the post on my other blog, Mostly Markers- Cards. If the Copic marker color-bleed background appeals to you, you may also want to click here for a different card example that I did yesterday with the technique.

The background was very easy to make using Julia Stainton's color-bleed grid technique, posted on Ellen Hutson's educational CLASSroom blog. I separated my blue-green and red-orange sections with a stripe of yellow. My background colors are Copic Y15, YG05, YR04, R35, R24, and BG45.

After the paper was dry from my "0" colorless blender drips, I added some Copic markers on top of my background pattern. I used some strong reds on the flowers (YR09, RV29, R08, and R59), and muted greens and blue on the leaves and ground area (G24 on the leaves, BG93 on the lower ground stripe, and BG53 for the upper ground stripe). For the leaves and ground, I colored gently in long soft strokes, so as not to disturb the "drips" pattern underneath. I really like how the pattern still shows through.

Paper: Neenah solar white