Thursday, January 4, 1973

Blog Help

Updated Aug. 12, 2009
I'm not a computer expert, but here are some things that have worked for me.

Printing - If you are trying to print a post, such as one of my "Try This" examples, you may find that it doesn't print correctly. Try "selecting" what you want to print (use your mouse to highlight the entire post), and then from your browser's menu bar, File - Print - Print selection.

Viewing - Firefox browser - To see a larger view of a drawing, click or double click on it. If it's now too big for your screen, with the Mozilla Firefox browser, you can zoom in or out. From the Firefox menu bar, View - Zoom - Zoom In or Zoom Out. (Command+ or Command- keys on my Mac.) To "reset" to the original size, View-Zoom-Reset or Command 0 keys (0 meaning zero key.)

Viewing - Explorer browser - Here is a link to an explanation of their feature called "automatic image resizing." (Explorer 6) I don't use the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, so I haven't tested it.

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