Tuesday, January 2, 1973

Did I Really Stop Drawing for 23 Years?

Updated July 2009

Yes, mostly. After the "Bad Marker Example" drawing (June 1985), up to my first Copic marker drawing (Aug. 2008), I have only about 15 drawings, mostly pencil sketches and attempts to work with other media. They date from 1986-2000, and I posted a few of them. I know there were others that I didn't keep, but not many.

Over the years, I tried watercolors and colored pencils, even crayons, but they just didn't work well for me.
I started singing more, something I love to do. It seemed like almost enough, but I still missed drawing.

My friend Sybil, meanwhile, was still drawing (doodling, as she calls it), and it even became part of her prayer life. In 2006, I wrote this to her in an e-mail: "Our women's group at church had a half-day workshop on art & spirit. We spent some time drawing, with white colored pencil & circles of black construction paper.... So I got out my colored pencils & bought a couple books on colored-pencil techniques. There is an amazing amount you can do with them & unlike markers, they don't dry up & disappoint you. But I don't feel connected to them like I do with markers. I will keep trying with them for awhile and see what happens." (What happened was that I just didn't enjoy the process of working with colored pencils, and I put them away again.)

Later in 2006, responding to a comment she made about her color choices, I wrote, "I used to have a lot of different color combinations in my drawing."

I saw drawing as a part of my past, something I had loved but lost. Then Sybil visited with her Copic markers, and I started drawing again.

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