Friday, January 5, 1973

About My Labels (part 2 of 3)

Updated October 3, 2009. I've tried to place consistent and helpful labels on all of my posts. One reason for my labels is to help my viewers find drawings they might enjoy. Another reason is to give me a way to sort and view my own drawings in various combinations. Most of my labels don't need explanation. "Flowers," for example. Others are explained below.

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  • Cards (greeting cards) are folded cards, such as birthday cards or blank note cards. Does not include drawings on heavy, flat Crane's cards (because they are just drawings). Updated July 9, 2010: Please click here for "Mostly Markers - Cards" to see the full posts on these cards up to July 5, 2010. For the future, I'll post all of my new greeting cards in Mostly Markers - Cards, not in this blog, Mostly Markers, which will also still be active with all of my non-card drawings and reference posts.
  • Coloring refers only to the Copic coloring, not to the line drawing. For example, a complex drawing might have simple coloring. Coloring: simple is plain, flat coloring with little or no shading or layering. Coloring: complex means my more elaborate layering, blending, and shading techniques, as well as airbrush or blender effects. I enjoy both complex and simple coloring.
  • Doodle: For me, this may mean unpolished, playful, scribbly, or sketchy. I'm thinking of the result, not the process. I typically don't doodle in the sense of drawing while in meetings or on the phone.
  • From imagination: Possibly drawn from memory, or from a mental image of what I was drawing, but more often, drawn as lines and gestures that became an image as I drew. See also "How I Draw."
  • From life: Drawn while I was looking at whatever I drew (flowers, landscape, an object, etc.)
  • Geode: My name for a drawing that is plain or dull on the outside, with a detailed or vivid interior. A geode is a hollow rock that contains crystals or a different type of mineral than is on the outside; some geodes are very beautiful, and all of them are interesting to look at.
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