Friday, January 5, 1973

About My Labels (part 1 of 3)

Updated October 3, 2009. I've tried to place consistent and helpful labels on all of my posts. One reason for my labels is to help my viewers find drawings they might enjoy. Another reason is to give me a way to sort and view my own drawings in various combinations. Most of my labels don't need explanation. "Flowers," for example. Others are explained below.
  • Abstract: Includes non-representational. I know there's a difference, but it makes my head hurt to decide which is which sometimes.
  • Airbrush: Using the Copic airbrush system (for more info, see airbrush posts at I Like Markers, Marianne Walker's blog... start here, then click on her airbrushing label for more)
  • Bad markers: Although I like my pre-Copic drawings, many of them show the problems of "bad markers" - blotching, streaking, bleeding, smearing. That's why I stopped drawing until my Copic markers came along. See Bad Marker Disclaimer.
  • Brightness: these labels give my overall impression of the coloring. "Brightness: vivid" is strong coloring, often primary colors. "Brightness: muted" is softer, paler, perhaps monochrome - often still colorful, but with a quieter feeling. It includes my black and white drawings. "Brightness: mid" is mid-range, somewhere in between vivid and muted.
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