Friday, November 27, 2015

Advent Calendar Template 2015

The Advent season begins this Sunday, and I'll begin drawing my 7th annual Advent calendar.  I'll plan to post the drawings at least weekly. 

My first Advent calendar was drawn in 2008, and afterward I wrote about what I learned.  It explains why I've made the calendar an annual activity.

To see my previous Advent calendar drawings, click as follows:
My friend Sybil also posts her yearly Advent calendars in her prayer-drawing blog, Praying in Color.  Click here for her 2014 calendar, here for 2013, here for 2012, here for 2011, or here for 2010.  I'll also link to her 2015 calendar as it appears.

If you'd like to try this activity for yourself, you're invited to click here for several different templates on Sybil's blog.  Along with my calendar grid I'll be using this year, she offers a tree with different shapes for the days and two versions of a tree-lined pathway.  She also shows some finished examples, including mine.  You can also click here for a few more calendar ideas from Sybil.