Friday, January 5, 1973

About my Labels (part 3 of 3)

Updated January 2010. I've tried to place consistent and helpful labels on all of my posts. One reason for my labels is to help my viewers find drawings they might enjoy. Another reason is to give me a way to sort and view my own drawings in various combinations. Most of my labels don't need explanation. "Flowers," for example. Others are explained below.

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  • Illustration Friday: Drawings for the weekly I. F. topic, offering a different word each week to inspire a drawing. My I. F. drawings are posted on my blog, and they are also listed/linked on the Illustration Friday web site, along with many other drawings by other people. To quote the I. F. welcome page, it's " a weekly creative outlet/participatory art exhibit for illustrators and artists of all skill levels."
  • Landscape: Includes plants and flowers growing outdoors, including outdoor gardens and outdoor potted plants drawn close-up.
  • Multiples: Several complete drawings on one piece of paper.
  • Ribbons: By this I mean, narrow strips of color that resemble ribbons. Except for greeting cards, I haven't done any drawings with actual ribbon or embroidery, though I might try that someday.
  • Size: When I see art on the internet, I often wonder what scale it is. That's why I included the size for each drawing in my labels.
  • Still life: Includes indoor scenes, also cut flowers and indoor potted plants.
  • Try this: Explained here (sorry for that, but it's a long explanation.)
  • Words: A drawing that contains words.

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