Saturday, April 30, 1983

Bookplate - Landscape with Stars and Trees

My mom was learning calligraphy, and she wanted to make a bookplate. She asked me to draw something for it. This is what we used for the drawing. She wrote the "Ex Libris." I have 2 bookplates left.

This was our only joint art work, but we often worked on the same sewing or knitting project. She liked hemming, I liked sewing buttons on. Our knitting gauge was the same. We were a good team. I miss her.

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Monday, April 25, 1983

Wednesday, April 20, 1983

Grape Ivy on Tan Card

My first grape ivy drawing - this is grape ivy plant #2, a cutting from the original 1970 plant. In 2008, I drew my second grape ivy drawing, which was plant #3.

Drawn with brown Pilot Razor Point pen. I really like the colors and lines in this drawing.

Paper: tan Crane's card approx. 4x6"

Friday, April 15, 1983

The Beauty at the Center

My friend Norma, now passed away, told me that she had a dream in which she saw "the beauty at the center of the universe." I don't know what it looked like to her; she really couldn't describe it, except for the feeling of beauty, joy and love. I believe she is there now.

Soon after hearing about her dream, I drew my interpretation for her and gave her the original drawing. I wrote on the back of it "The Beauty at the Center is Love." This is a rough copy that I made for myself.