Saturday, November 22, 2008

Grape Ivy 2008

My grape ivy plant #3, a cutting of a cutting of my plant #1 from 1970. I love its leaves and its knobby stems and its survival skills. I drew plant #2 in 1983.

I drew this in pencil, then scanned and printed it before coloring. (In other words, I didn't color my original pencil drawing.) On the copy that I was coloring, I also added some lines in cool gray Copic multiliner. The pot is a very dark brown in real life, but for this drawing, I made it blue and gray.

My original background (YR21 and BG000) looked too intense to me, so I faded it out by coloring over & over with colorless blender, pushing the excess color out the back. And the paper didn't even pill. About this drawing I wrote, "It's such a pleasure to have markers that make nice colors, don't blob all over the paper, and what's more, can do interesting effects that I never knew could be done with markers."

Copic colors used: The clay pot is base color R02 with E09 rim & E09 applied on the R02 marker to give it the streaks & splotches. The leaves are base colors of G12, G21, YG03, YG23 with various layers of darker greens applied on the lighter markers. When it was all done, I added some white colored pencil on the potting soil to make it less of a solid dark color.

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