Sunday, November 16, 2008

Flowers in Shallow Bowl

It was a lot of fun to layer the colors in this drawing. The flowers started with very light base colors. Then I added many different bits of darker with the blender brush tip. The table and bowl were also done that way. See below for details on the technique.

To try this, perhaps with simpler coloring, click here.

Copic colors used: Bowl C5 base, C9, Black 100 on 0 brush tip; Leaves YG03 base, YG63, G9; Wall G40, between flowers G21; Flower base colors W1, R0, BG000, then for the petals, added many colors on 0 brush tip (B06,29,39,45, E04, BG05,45, R24,29,32,59, BV08, RV14,29) and for the flower centers, added Y26,38, YR09; Table base color E33, streaks of E29,44 on 0 brush tip.
Technique: I used the palette technique: picking up the color from a clear plastic CD case cover, as follows: Color with a dark marker onto the plastic, then pick up the color with the blender & gently dab onto the paper. The color dries on the plastic, but you can still easily pick it up with the blender. When done, clean up the plastic with alcohol (hand sanitizer works great) and kleenex. (See Marianne Walker's palette blending explanation on her blog I Like Markers for more info.)

Paper: white Crane's card approx. 4x6"

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