Thursday, January 15, 1981

Landscape with Flying-Leaping Horse-Dog-Creature; also Sybil's First Marker Drawing

This is one of my favorite drawings. Simple lines, simple colors, but a great feeling of joy and energy. To draw the animal, I drew a shape on another piece of paper, cut it out, and traced around it. To try this, click here.

This was when I introduced my friend Sybil to drawing with markers. Below is her first marker drawing, from that same day. (Used with her permission.)

Monday, January 12, 1981

Shell 1

My Mom gave me this shell, which sat on her dresser top for many years. I like the line drawing with just a little subdued color. But I don't draw this way very often. An animal grew this shell, so I will label it as such.

See Shell 2 for a brighter version.

Sunday, January 11, 1981

Landscape with Creatures in Warm Grays

This was done with warm gray markers on paper torn from a small spiral bound sketch pad.

I don't know what it is, but I remember it felt very meditative to draw it. It looks very peaceful to me. Creatures afloat in calm waters, maybe.