Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mary 9 of 12 - Abstract - Mary with Elizabeth

My childhood and adult church life has not had much of a focus on Mary. As I worked on this series, of course, I reflected on her story and what her experience might have been like. Before the birth of Jesus, as told in Luke 1:39-56, she visited her cousin Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist. I drew them together in one of yesterday's Five Oval Marys. For today's drawing, I used some of their words, and words about them.

I needed an abstract drawing as a change from drawing people. For the shapes, I did some tracing of my French Curve templates, and added some echoes of those lines. I drew and colored with greens and grays for Elizabeth, blues and browns for Mary.

Copic colors used: Mary BG45,72,75, E37, YR14, cobalt multiliner; Elizabeth W1,3, G28, YG63, BG93, olive multiliner; Dots of 0


Anonymous said...

This drawing- the abstract of Mary with Elizabeth- is really moving and made me cry as soon as I saw it. Thank you.

Cindy O said...

Thank you for commmenting. I'm very glad it touched your heart.