Tuesday, September 10, 1974

An Extra Foot - First Drawing

I wrote this poem in 1974, and somehow, to feel it was complete, I needed to draw it in color on a large piece of paper (14x17). Each capital letter is about 1.25" in height.

The poem's words are snippets from a news story where an art scholar was describing a painting by Breughel (The Peasant Wedding). She pointed out "an extra [human] foot" in the bottom right area of the painting, for which "circles" [of art critics] had "never come up" with an explanation, although they had argued about it for years.

I'm not sure why that story appealed to me so much. Maybe because I don't think everything can be explained in art (or life).

Not my first-ever drawing, of course, but the first one I saved. Aside from those childhood drawings that my Mom saved for me... and I won't be posting those!

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