Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunshine Card - Embroidery Floss

Updated July 9, 2010: This post has been moved to my new "companion blog." Please click here for "Mostly Markers - Cards" to see it (dated the same as this original post.) For the future, I'll post all of my new greeting cards in Mostly Markers - Cards. This blog, Mostly Markers, will also still be active with all of my non-card drawings and reference posts.


Trish said...

I'd like to get a set of markers, but can't afford anything expensive:( do you have any suggestions on cheaper markers?
love your site here;)

Cindy O said...

To Trish - thanks for your comment, I'm glad you like my site! Copic markers are the best for blending, shading, and smooth coloring, but they are expensive initially. (Not so bad over time, because they are refillable.) As noted in my "try this" introduction post, Almost all of my 1974-76 drawings, plus the bright bird from 1985, were done with just a black Sharpie (try the ultra-fine point) and a set of 24 fine-point Pentel water based markers (called color pens). That would be my suggestion if you want to try it. Hope that helps!