Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Blue Glass Pitcher - Watercolor

A friend asked me to draw her grandmother's blue glass pitcher.  After experimenting with my typical pen and markers, I felt that watercolor would have a better chance to capture the pitcher's lovely mixture of clear and milk glass.  But my post-childhood watercolor experience has been very limited - abstract wash backgrounds for my drawings - and this pitcher made a challenging subject for my first "real life" painting.

Fortunately though, a few months ago, I joined a weekly art group at our area's senior center.  It's led by a very good artist and educator, who was able to get me started and make suggestions along the way.  I'm happy with my finished painting, and even happier that my friend likes it too!
  • Dr. Ph. Martin's radiant concentrated watercolor numbers 8A, 9A, 14A.  For more information about the watercolors, including my color chart, see this post.
  • Lyra Aquacolor crayon numbers 5610001, 47, 76. For more information about the watercolor crayons, including my color chart, see this post.
  • Paper: Canson Aquarelle Arches, cold pressed, cut down to ~ 6 x 8".   The paper looks bluish gray in my image, but it's really a very light cream color.  

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