Monday, November 16, 2009

Blog News 6 and How to Draw a Rosette

Updates to Mostly Markers, other than new drawings posted, since the last Blog News:
  • Added a "Try This" post, showing how to draw a rosette (similar to my recent orange and yellow rosette drawing.) I think rosettes are interesting to color, and they really are very easy to draw with a few simple curves and V-shaped lines.
    • For my orange and yellow rosette drawing, scroll down (or, if you don't see it there, click here.)
    • For my "Try This" directions on how to draw a rosette, click here. If you can trace a circle shape from a jar lid and make "V" and "U" shaped lines, you have all the drawing skills you need. There's nothing tricky about it. You'll need some patience to draw all the little V's and U's, but you might find it relaxing, perhaps even meditative, as I do. If you'd prefer something less detailed, see the next paragraph.
  • Not an update, but while I'm on the "Try This" topic: In my blog, I've included a dozen easy-to-draw "try this" posts. Simple directions, sprinkled with encouragement ... because I strongly believe that Anybody Can Draw. To see what I mean, I invite you to click here, or click on "try this" in the labels list on the right, or in the menu bar in my blog header.
  • Posted my new Copic color chart. Recently I added seven colors to my Copic marker collection, and my chart is now current with all of the colors I have. To view it, click here, or click on "color chart" in the labels list on the right.
For more Blog News posts, click on the label (below, or in the label list on the right.)

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