Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sketch of Statice Flowers in a Clear Vase

Warming up on scrap drawing paper, I did this sketch of purple statice flowers in a clear glass vase. I decided to finish it by adding some sketchy colors.

Because it was scrap paper, there were some stray marks and dots, so I added more. I let the marker drop, fine tip down, from a few inches above the paper, to make dots and marks in random sizes and shapes.

Then I ran a marker along the edges for a small, irregular border. A light wash of watercolor completed it for the table top and shadow.

To see my earlier, less sketchy drawing of statice, click here.
  • Copic marker colors used: YG63,91, BG10, V04,09,12, BV04,08
  • Paper: Strathmore drawing paper, cut down to 4x6"

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