Friday, July 9, 2010

Blog News 12 - Greeting Cards, New Blog, and Sources

My blog "Mostly Markers" is one year old this month, and I've really enjoyed doing it. A big thank you to all my viewers and especially everyone who's left a comment or question for me.

My biggest news is that, while this is still my primary blog, I've just begun a new "companion blog" called Mostly Markers - Cards. All of my posts labeled as "cards (greeting cards)" have moved over there. I placed links on the headers of both blogs, so it will be easy to go back and forth.

Why a new blog? Lots of reasons. I think it will simplify my blogging. Some of my labels for drawings don't make sense for cards, and vice versa. Cards have their own aesthetic and charm, and I think it's interesting to keep them together. Etc.

I've really enjoyed creating cards again. As I wrote in the header for my new blog, they are small collages - mailable art. Along with the lines, shapes, and colors that I love about drawings, cards also feature textures and dimension, not to mention layout and construction challenges. They are just plain fun to do. So while I'm adding more drawings to this blog, I'll be adding more cards to the new blog. I still plan to keep my "reference posts" here, such as "try this" and "about my tools and materials." They have been linked to this blog from the new blog"s menu bar (below the header).

Finally, I added a new post to "about my tools and materials." It's about my sources, titled "Where I Buy My Tools and Materials." Hope it will be helpful to others.

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