Sunday, November 20, 2011

Advent Calendar Template 2011

Next Sunday is the beginning of Advent, so I'm planning for my 4th annual Advent calendar drawings. With Christmas falling on a Sunday, I decided to place it in the midst of the calendar, instead of a full row width on the bottom. Symbolic and practical.

I will post the calendar on my blog throughout Advent. Maybe not daily, but at least weekly. After my first year of drawing an Advent calendar like this, I wrote about what I learned from it. That post pretty well explains why I've continued with it.

For my previous Advent calendar drawings, click as follows:
My friend Sybil also has posted her Advent calendars in past years in her prayer-drawing blog, Praying in Color. Click here for the links to each year. I'll also link to her 2011 calendar as it appears.

You're warmly invited to print my 2011 template for your own use. Due to the more complicated layout, I've saved it as a JPEG file, as posted above. (Double click, then save, for better image quality.) You may need to paste it into Word or PowerPoint, then resize it. It's intended to fit on 8-1/2 x 11" paper with 1/2" left and right margins. Added November 24, 2011: Or you can click here to download the PDF file, which I've posted on Google Docs.

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