Saturday, December 29, 1973

Advent Calendar 2010 - Colors, Words, and Sources

For each of the 28 drawings in my Advent Calendar 2010, here are the Copic colors (and any other materials) that I used, the words, and the sources for quoted words. Unless noted otherwise, everything is drawn and written with black Copic multiliners, generally 0.1, 0.2, and 0.3.

Sun 11/28/2010 Words: We are leaving ordinary time
Source: In the church year, Advent is preceded by a long stretch of “ordinary time,” the summer and fall months after Pentecost. I used the same words to begin my 2009 Advent Calendar and my 2008 Advent Calendar.
Colors: B41,45, BV08, E00,29, Y21,25,28, Sanford Uni-ball gold gel pen
Mon 11/29/2010 Words: Make ye straight what long was crooked
Source: A favorite Advent hymn "Comfort, comfort ye" based on Isaiah 40. The hymn's third verse begins "Make ye straight what long was crooked, make the rougher places plain." For the full words and hymn tune, click here.
Colors: BV000, V04, BG10,45, YR07,20, E000
Tues 11/30/2010 Words: Draw near
Colors: BV04, B21,63,66, Y15; purple and sky blue Copic multiliners
Wed 12/1/2010 Word: Hope
Colors: Custom color YYR2000, BV20, R32,35,59, YG03,63, G12
Thurs 12/2/2010 Words: In God's promise, we rejoice!
Source: Hymn "We walk by faith and not by sight." It's an Easter season hymn, but the line also fits with the Advent season, which is filled with the promise of salvation.
Colors: BV20+Custom color B2000, R08, YR07, Y19, YG05, B01, B66, V04. The colors are a reminder of God's promise, the sign of the rainbow, to Noah after the flood.
Fri 12/3/2010 Word: Prepare
Colors: Custom color YG6000, RV17,32,34, R59; wine multiliner
Sat 12/4/2010
Word: Joy
Colors: B000,01,24,26,41,45, BG05,32,45; cobalt and turquoise multiliners

Sun 12/5/2010 Word: Alleluia
Colors: R32, RV000,29,34, BG93, B24,26, Y15,26, G000, YG63, E000,04,21
Mon 12/6/2010 Words: Joy of every longing heart
Source: Advent hymn “Come, thou long-expected Jesus” - for the full words and hymn tune, click here.
Colors: Custom color B2000, B01,32, BV04, RV91,95, RV13,14, G24; pink multiliner
Tues 12/7/2010 Words: Come, Lord Jesus - Maranatha
Source: Maranatha is Aramaic for “Come O Lord” 1 Corinthians 16:22
Colors: Y21, R02, V04,15,17; purple and orange multiliners
Wed 12/8/2010 Words: Then on earth the Word appears, gracing his created spheres
Source: Advent hymn "Savior of the nations, come" - click here to hear the tune and read the words. I'm quoting from a verse that is in my hymnal but is not shown on line.
Colors: E000,04,25,33,95, W0, G000, BG10,72,93, YR20; sepia multiliner
Thurs 12/9/2010 Words: For us and for our salvation, He came down from heaven
Source: Nicene Creed
Colors: G000, B000, V000, R000; pink, orange, turquoise, and sky blue multiliners
Fri 12/10/2010 Words: Watch in expectation
Colors: YR04,21, B21,24, G28, R29; cobalt and olive multiliners
Sat 12/11/2010 Words: Rejoice and exult with all your heart
Source: Zephaniah 3:14
Colors: V000,04, G07,40, YG05, RV13,17,91, Y15; pink, olive, and purple multiliners

Sun 12/12/2010 Words: Wait for the Lord
Source: Psalm 27:14
Colors: Custom color YG6000, YG63, G000,28,29, BG96, Y28, YR21, BV20, B39,45, RV17,91, R59; cobalt and olive multiliners
Mon 12/13/2010 Word: Light
Colors: Y000,15, Custom color YYR2000, BV00,04,23, B45,63,66; cobalt multiliner
Tues 12/14/2010 Words: Be strong - do not fear!
Source: Isaiah 35:4
Colors: YR04,14,20, Y38, BV31, E41, B41,45
Wed 12/15/2010 Words: Blessings of the season
Colors: B01,21,24, RV17,29,32,34, G12,21,24,28, YG63, BG96; wine, olive, and cool gray multiliners
Thurs 12/16/2010 Word: Mercy
Colors: V000,15, B000, Y000, BG000,32,45,72; purple, pink and cobalt multiliners; silver Sanford Uni-Ball gel pen
Fri 12/17/2010 Words: Be patient, beloved, until the coming of the Lord.
Source: James 5:7
Colors: Y13, BG05, E25, G14
Sat 12/18/2010 Words: This is the Lord for whom we have waited.
Source: Isaiah 25:9
Colors: BV04,23, B41,63,66

Sun 12/19/2010 Word: Veni
Source: Advent hymn "Veni Emmanuel" (O Come, O Come Emmanuel). For the complete words and hymn tune, click here.
Colors: BV20,23, YR07, R08,32,35, B01,05,24, BG32,45,49
Mon 12/20/2010 Words: Arise, shine, for your Light has come.
Source: Isaiah 60:1
Colors: Y13, G14, B01, BG05
Tues 12/21/2010 Word: Peace
Colors: Custom color B2000, B24,45, BV31, V000, 04,17
Wed 12/22/2010 Words: O come, thou Wisdom from on high
Source: Advent hymn "O come, O come, Emmanuel." For the complete words and hymn tune, click here.
Colors: Custom color YYR2000, YR21, B41; sky blue multiliner
Thurs 12/23/2010 Words: We wait for light
Source: Isaiah 59:9
Colors: BV04, B01,14, Y21,38, G28, YG21, R29, RV91, W1,3, E21,25,33,53
Fri 12/24/2010 Christmas Eve Words: Glory to God!
Source: Luke 2:14
Colors: Y11,15,19,21,24,38, B45; orange, sepia, and cobalt multiliners
Sat 12/25/2010 Christmas Day Words: Christ the Savior is born
Source: Christmas carol "Silent Night"
Colors: R000,32, G21,40, B000,01, BG000,45,49,72,75, E000,11

Paper: X-Press It Blending Card, 8.5 x 11"

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