Sunday, August 9, 2009

Geraniums in Blue Planter

The geraniums in their blue ceramic planter.

Click here to see them in another, close-up drawing from three months ago, drawn right after planting them.

Copic colors used: Leafy plant YG03,21, G12,24,40, RV91; Planter B01,41,45, BG32,72, BV20, Y11, E25, W7; Geranium flowers R02,08,24,29, RV14,19,95; Geranium leaves YG03,63, G07,14,21,24; Background W0,1, E41,43. Also W3 for all the shadows.
Paper: Neenah, cut down to 5x7"


c said...

I have enjoyed seeing your drawings !! I also like to draw with markers. I have never used Copic markers, just Zig Memory Writers, Sharpies and kids markers!! Doesn't it bother you that your art will fade away? This is an issue for me, and I was wondering how you feel about it? I really wish there were lightfast markers in tons of colors:)

Cindy O said...

To C - thanks for your comment and your thought-provoking question! I've read that, over time, all dye-based inks (such as Copic markers) will fade, if exposed to UV light. But I love the transparent, pure look of the dye-based colors, so I have to accept that. I would say it doesn't bother me a lot, because I'm not really drawing for posterity. But I do use acid-free papers and storage binders, and I keep my drawings in the binders, out of the light. When I draw for someone who wants to display the drawing, I use a UV sealer. I will add my sealer info here.