Wednesday, February 21, 1973

About Sybil and Her Drawings

Though we live far apart, Sybil and I have been friends for many years. I introduced her to drawing with markers in 1981.  Then in 2008, after I had stopped drawing for many years, she re-introduced me to drawing with Copic markers in 2008.  We share our drawings and thoughts with each other via texts and e-mail. It's great to have a drawing partner.

Since 2004, Sybil has included drawing (she would say doodling) in her prayer life.  She wrote a wonderful book about that, Praying in Color, and she gives workshops all over the country.  Her book's website and her blog include examples of her prayer drawings.

In my blog, I've included some of her "non-prayer" drawings (with her permission), including the one in this post.

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