Sunday, April 22, 1973

Resources for Drawing

Updated January 2012

There are many resources to help beginners develop their drawing skills, confidence, and enjoyment. I would call myself an "advanced beginner" who is learning with every drawing.

My favorite resource for drawing is a book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, by Betty Edwards. I purchased it in 1981, so I listed the title that I have. The current edition is The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. I can't comment on the validity of her brain science, but the drawing exercises are wonderful. A non-threatening approach to improve your seeing and your ability to "draw what you see."

I've also made use of some internet resources, including:
  • I Like Markers - Draw It Yourself posts - start here, and then for more, click on the DIY label at the end of the post
  • Start Art Tutorials
  • Drawspace Drawing Lessons (some require registration)
  • The Figure Drawing Lab - University of Evansville
  • Illustration Friday - A weekly word to inspire a drawing. Click here to see my "Illustration Friday inspired" posts.
  • Mixed Media Monday - Another weekly word to inspire (updated Jan. 1, 2012: the weekly MMM words ended in March 2011, but the past words and submissions are still posted)

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