Saturday, April 14, 1973

Try This - Star Circle

Updated July 2009

First, please read my post, "Anybody Can Draw," if you haven't already. And please don't copy my drawing - but do feel free to use it to inspire your own.

To try this, draw a 4x6" rectangle, or use an unruled 4x6" index card. Draw or trace a large circle on it. Your circle may be cut off on one edge of your drawing space, like mine is on the top. In the center of your large circle, draw or trace a small circle, about 1" in diameter.

Around the center circle, draw a five-lobed star shape, with rounded "points" and rounded at the inside turns, where it nears the center circle. Your shape will look more interesting if it's not "perfect," so don't aim too hard for symmetry, but do aim for smooth turns and a smooth join where you connect the end of your star's line to its starting point. Remember, it's OK to move your paper - try turning it as you draw your star shape.

Now draw stripes or curves, following your circles or along the star's lobes. If you like, you can segment a shape, like I did with my largest star shape, to divide it into smaller shapes for coloring. Inside the small circle, you may want to draw stripes or more circles, or another small star, or a pinwheel like I drew.

To ground your image, draw a few horizontal lines with your pen, or perhaps with just your markers, like mine.

Color. Enjoy.

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