Thursday, April 12, 1973

Try This - Heart Drawing

Updated July 2009

First, please read my post, "Anybody Can Draw," if you haven't already. And please don't copy my drawing - but do feel free to use it to inspire your own.

To try this, draw a 4x6" rectangle, or use an unruled 4x6" index card. Draw a heart shape slightly off to one side. Don't worry about a perfect shape - for this drawing, symmetry is not important. An imperfect heart shape will go better with your (likely to be imperfect) ovals.

Note: if you do want a perfect heart shape, you can cut a pattern, as many of us learned in childhood. Fold paper in half, cut a comma shape, unfold, look at what you have, refold and recut until you like it. Then trace around it for your drawing. That's how I drew the hearts for 12/23 of my 2008 Advent Calendar drawing, and also the heart-shaped outline for Confined in the Heart.

If you like, draw little scallops around the edge of your heart shape. Add tiny hearts, curvy triangles, pointed ovals, or comma shapes inside your heart shape. This necklace may give you some ideas.

Next, draw 6-8 small hearts on one side of your large heart shape. Draw some crescent shapes on the other side, and top them with a few simple flower shapes, or curvy commas and ovals for petals.

Add two oval lines that reach all around, making a ribbon below the shapes. Perfection is not the goal here. My drawing, for example, has very imperfect ovals. You can double each line (a second line about 1/8" from the first line) or add little scallops like mine.

Color. Enjoy.
(Note: I used muted colors for my drawing, but you may want to try some bright colors. Don't feel limited to pink or red.)

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