Tuesday, April 17, 1973

Try This - Bright Dots and Wavy Lines

Posted August 17, 2009

First, please read my post, "Anybody Can Draw," if you haven't already. And please don't copy my drawing - but do feel free to use it to inspire your own.

To try this, draw a 4x6" rectangle, or use an unruled 4x6" index card. Draw 8-10 wavy lines lengthwise across your drawing space. Let some of the lines curve away from each other, to make room for bigger circles.

Add various sized circles. Don't worry about perfect circles, but do try for smooth joins where you close your shapes. Let some of your circles be cut off by the edges of your drawing space. Color. Enjoy.

For more drawings to try, click on "try this" just below, or in the menu bar in my blog header, or in the label list on the right.

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